ICSOS Prize winners

    Laurence Marks, 2017:
    "for his outstanding and highly influential contribution to surface structure determination applying both experimental and theoretical methods"
    Klaus Heinz, 2014:
    "for his outstanding contributions to the development and application of LEED-based methods to solve a vast array of surface structural problems"
    Ian K. Robinson, 2011:
    "for his pioneering work on Crystal Truncation Rods which has played a vital role in the development of surface structure analysis by X-ray diffraction, and its extensions to the active study of other phenomena including surface phase transitions, crystal growth and buried interfaces"
    Michel A. Van Hove, 2008:
    "in recognition of his outstanding contribution to surface structure determination, particularly by the technique of low energy electron diffraction, through the development, application and free distribution of multiple scattering codes, and for his eminent role in establishing the ICSOS conference series and the ‘Surface Structure Database’"
    D. Philip Woodruff, 2005:
    "for outstanding achievement in the field of surface and interface structure"
    Franco P. Jona, Paul M. Marcus and Don W. Jepsen, 2002:
    "for their pioneering contributions in surface structure determination, which led to the era of quantitative low-energy electron diffraction (LEED), i.e., the determination of atomic structure in the outer layers of crystals by analysis of LEED intensity spectra"
    Kunio Takayanagi, 1999:
    "for outstanding achievement in the field of surface and interface structure"
    John B. Pendry, 1996:
    "for his far-reaching, diverse, fundamental and practical contributions to the field of quantitative surface structure determination"

ICSOS Young Scientist Prize winners

    Bjorn Arndt (University of Hamburg) 2017 (student prize)
    Student Prize, ICSOS-12 Georgia
    Sam Jarvis (University of Nottingham) 2014
    "...for his important insights into tip-surface interactions in dynamic force microscopy, stemming from combined experimental and theoretical studies"
    April D. Jewell (Tufts University) 2011
    Christian Fink (University of Cambridge) & Joseph Smerdon (University of Liverpool) 2008
    Tetsuroh Shirasawa (Kyushu University) 2005
    Peter Broekmann (University of Bonn) 1999
    Roman Fasel (University of Fribourg) 1996